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Discord Bot for AWS Blogs: Leveraging Terraform, Ansible, EC2, and GitHub Actions

7/23/2023, 8:51:33 PM .Published in Medium, DevTo and HashNode

Build a discord bot that brings AWS devops blogs right into your Discord server. Starting from setting up our infrastructure using Terraform, we leverage Ansible to configure EC2 instances precisely as per our needs and use GitHub Actions, which facilitates continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), ensuring that our bot is always running the latest code

AWSIaCTerraformGithub ActionsAnsible

2 mins read


Seamless Integration of Next.js 13.4 with AWS SDK: Deploying on Route53, ALB, and ECS using Terraform

9/15/2023, 8:31:10 PM .Published in Medium, DevTo and HashNode

Discover how to effectively utilize the AWS SDK within a Next.js 13.4 application with server components and deploy it on AWS using Terraform. From Route53's DNS management, ALB's load balancing capabilities to ECS's container orchestration, get an in-depth understanding of each stage. We'll also delve into the significance of secure connections and how to achieve them in your setup

IaCFullstack appTerraformAWS

2 mins read


Provisioning OpenSearch as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Securing Data Access with API Gateway and Lambda

6/25/2023, 7:13:06 PM .Published in Medium, DevTo and HashNode

This blog is about Provisioning OpenSearch as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and securing data access with API Gateway and Lambda allows you to automate the deployment and configuration of an OpenSearch cluster while ensuring secure access to the cluster's data through API Gateway and Lambda functions


1 min read


How I built my Cloudsky portfolio and leveraged AWS services for infrastructure and automation

5/28/2023, 1:12:24 AM .Published in Medium, DevTo and HashNode

Cloudsky portal built with modern techstack leveraging composable Sanity CMS, AWS services, caching with upstash, and integration with various services such as medium, devto, hashnode, spotify etc.

ArchitectureServerlessFullstack appAWS

1 min read


Automating AWS Step Functions: Programmatically Initiating Workflows for Seamless Orchestration

6/23/2023, 7:22:51 PM .Published in Medium, DevTo and HashNode

In the world of cloud-based application development, automation is key to achieving efficient and seamless orchestration of workflows. With the title "Automating AWS Step Functions: Programmatically Initiating Workflows for Seamless Orchestration," this blog dives into the powerful capabilities of AWS Step Functions and demonstrates how to leverage programmatic approaches to automate the initiation of workflows

AWSServerlessState MachineSanity CMS

1 min read


Building a Unified Notification System with GitHub Actions

8/6/2023, 7:14:12 PM .Published in Medium, DevTo and HashNode

Explore the power of GitHub actions actions by integrating with multiple notification services including Slack, Chime, Teams, AWS SNS and more..


1 min read


Provisioning and Accessing Cloud9 Development Environment with a Public-Facing URL using Terraform and Github actions

7/7/2023, 3:04:26 PM .Published in Medium, DevTo and HashNode

Automate the setup and configuration of a Cloud9 IDE using Terraform for efficient and scalable development workflows

AWSTerraformGithub ActionsIaC

1 min read

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